Jawga Boyz Kuntry 1 JB-3

Jawga Boyz

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1.Welcome 2 Jawga (featuring) Dez,D Thrash,Demum Jones
2.What i do (featuring) Bottleneck,D Thrash
3.Rednecks (D Thrash)
4.Tear the mudhole up (featuring) Young Bama,D Thrash,Young Gunner
5.Back in the day (D Thrash)
6.It's alright (D Thrash)
7.Here we come (featuring) Dez,D Thrash
8.Until I die (featuring) Dez,D Thrash,Bubba Sparxx
9.Ridin in this rig (featuring) Dez,D Thrash
10.Born and raised in the stix (featuring) Dez,D Thrash
11.All the girls wanna ride (remix) Lenny Cooper,D Thrash
12.Dream chaser (D Thrash)
13.Welcome 2 jawga (remix) P.F.E,Young Gunner,Boondock
14.Far from over (remix) (D Thrash)
15.Buckle up or bow down (remix) Dez,D Thrash
16.Mudjug (remastered) (D Thrash)
17.Rollin like a redneck (remastered) (D Thrash)
18.Ridin high (remastered) (featuring) D Thrash,Young Gunner,Bottleneck

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